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10 Year Natural Gas Boiler Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

Assured Heating Essex LTD installs products manufactured and supplied by Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd, Worcester Bosch boilers are guaranteed against material or manufacturing faults for the duration of the guarantee period, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The boiler must be installed the United Kingdom.
  2. The boiler must be correctly installed and commissioned in accordance with the installation instructions for your product and must meet the requirements of the Benchmark initiative if applicable.
  3. The boiler must be registered with the manufacturer within 30 days of installation.
  4. The guarantee period will commence from date of installation of the boiler.
  5. The guarantee period for your boiler will vary depending on its type, e.g., gas, oil, LPG.
  6. The installed boiler must only be used in a domestic or light commercial environment, (light commercial is defined as a semi domestic/commercial environment, including hair salons, small shops, pubs etc.)
  7. The boiler must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s user instructions and serviced annually, by Assured Heating Essex LTD. This guarantee will be invalidated if the boiler is not serviced by Assured Heating Essex within 12 months of installation and at a minimum of 12 months intervals thereafter. Servicing will be at the Assured Heating Essex LTD standard rates. Proof of servicing must be produced on request.
  8. Once installed the boiler must not be moved unless works are to be carried out by Assured Heating Essex LTD.
  9. During the guarantee period any product or component which is proved to be faulty or defective in manufacture, will be repaired or replaced free of material and labour charges, providing that we have authorised or carried out the repair or replacement. At our discretion we may choose to use engineers from Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd to repair the boiler.
  10. We will not accept or reimburse the costs of any third party who undertakes any work carried on the boiler or fits parts, invoices for attendance and repair of this appliance by third parties will not be accepted for payment by Assured Heating Essex LTD.
  11. The guarantee period will not be extended even if we repair or replace any product or part.
  12. If we replace any component or product, the part or product removed will become our property.
  13. Any claim made under the terms and conditions of this guarantee must be made within the guarantee period.
  14. You must comply with our service engineer appointment terms and conditions if an engineer needs to attend.
  15. Assured Heating Essex LTD may not be held responsible for any delay in the provision of spare parts by suppliers and thus no compensation is payable should this occur.
  16. The benefit of this guarantee may be assigned to subsequent owners of the boiler provided notice of change of ownership is given to Assured Heating Essex LTD together with their registration fee of £25 plus VAT. One month ‘cooling off’ period will apply upon change of ownership.
  17. Assured Heating Essex LTD will not accept responsibility for damage caused by neglect, misuse or accidental damage, the non-observance of the instructions contained in the Installation and Users Instructions leaflets.
  18. The appliance must only be used only for normal domestic purposes for which it was designed.

The boiler guarantee does not apply to:

  • Products installed on boats including house boats;
  • Mini-expansion vessels;
  • Consumables as specified by us, including but not limited to: oil nozzles, hoses, gaskets and batteries;
  • Fuel lines to the product, plugs or cables.
  • Radiators and other space heating equipment, external water, gas and oil pipelines/services, external electric wiring, external timers, external thermostats, external pumps, flue-ways, fire valves, filters, water and oil storage tanks; This guarantee is limited to the boiler only. Should a fault not be related to the boiler, Assured Heating Essex LTD reserves the right to charge for any call outs at the standard rates.
  • Damage caused by theft, tampering, neglect, misuse, accident, fire, flood, explosion, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions;
  • Damage caused by the non-observance of the manufacturer’s user instructions;
  • Damage to the system as a result of scale; or any work including descaling that may arise due to hard water scale deposits or aggressive water supply. We recommend a scale reducer should be fitted and replaced every five years.
  • Damage as a result of sludge or blockages; or mechanical breakdowns due to sludge build-up within the system.
  • Any unauthorised adjustments made to the product by a third party;
  • Any upgrading/improvement work required as a result of legislation, (Health & Safety or otherwise) or to meet current standards;
  • Servicing and its associated costs;
  • Boiler de-scaling and chemical cleansing/flushing;
  • Bleeding of oil supply pipelines;
  • Turning on the product and adjusting switches and controls except following an approved repair under this guarantee;
  • Self-maintenance tasks such as, re-pressurising and resetting the product, bleeding excess system pressure and thawing frozen condensate pipes/wastes, (for guidance on carrying out self-maintenance tasks then please visit the Worcester Bosch website at www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/FAQ or alternatively please telephone 0330 123 3366).

Health and Safety: Assured Heating Essex LTD will not commence and/or continue services where we consider that there is a Health and Safety risk including: the presence of hazardous material, infestations or harassment of our personnel including verbal or physical abuse. We will not recommence work until the Health and Safety risk has been rectified to our satisfaction.

Telephoning Assured Heating Essex LTD: Telephone calls to may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. You can call 01245 204066, (open 8am–6pm Mon-Fri, 8am-12pm Sat. For out of hours emergency calls please call 07507 750657. 

Data Protection: Your details will be held by Assured Heating Essex LTD and will never be passed on to any third parties.

Customer Service: Assured Heating Essex LTD prides itself on delivering the highest possible standards of customer service at all times. If you feel that we have fallen below these standards then please email us at info@assuredheatingessex.com or alternatively please write to our Customer Correspondence Team at our registered office listed below.

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