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Oftec Oil Safety

Safety First.

At Assured Heating Essex safety is of the upmost importance.  Our heating engineers embark on official OFTEC training and OFTEC oil courses to ensure they are fully qualified to deal with any situation.  We strive to adhere to all current regulations and keep our records up to date with any changes.  We are regularly checked and have safety inspections by OFTEC inspectors to ensure our registered installers are doing their job correctly.  Please follow this link to check our credentials. Click here. Our OFTEC registration number is 14172. The website address is oftec.co.uk

To promote safety and peace of mind to tenants, letting agents, landlords and property insurers, it is recommended that OFTEC registered technicians inspect and service oil fired installations on an annual basis.  Additionally, planned maintenance can keep an appliance operating at peak performance, thus, keeping fuel bills to a minimum.

There have been no recorded deaths relating to oil fired appliances due to carbon monoxide.  However, any experienced OFTEC registered installer will inform you that every fossil fuel burning appliance has the potential to produce carbon monoxide if incorrectly installed or maintained.  Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic poisonous gas, which is produced by the incorrect burning of a fossil fuel.  It is odourless, colourless, tasteless and therefore difficult to detect.

Servicing & Maintenance.

At present there is no legal requirement in the United Kingdom for a landlord to obtain a landlord safety certificate for oil fired equipment installed within a let property.  However, the British standard’s state that oil fired appliances and equipment needs to be serviced periodically in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

Our safety records and documents are completed in PDF format, so once a service certificate has been completed it can be emailed to you directly.  Our online system also allows us to store and locate individual certificates by postcode, so gone are the days of trying to locate a screwed up, scribbled upon certificate.  We will even be happy to help you set up file on your desktop computer that can be updated annually.

Depending on your preference, we can set up a reminder every year to ensure the service is performed.

Oil storage tanks and oil supply pipe work should be checked for general condition and any leaks should then be repaired by registered engineers.

Final Thoughts.

If you have your oil-fired equipment serviced regularly by a competent person and maintain your oil tank adequately, it is unlikely that oil will leak from your system.  However, if you notice an oil leak:

  • The priority is to immediately stop any more oil from being released.  This may require you to have the tank professionally drained.
  • If possible, contain any oil that has already been released.
  • Soak up any spilled oil you can with an absorbent material, such as sand, newspapers, old towels or cat litter.  Please dispose of these carefully as they will be highly flammable.
  • For more serious spills, contact a specialist remediation company to clean up the spill.
  • Inform your property insurers about the leak.
  • Contact the regional Environmental Agency on 0800 807060 and make them aware of the incident.